AqueaTether™ therapeutics constructs novel proprietary biomaterials and innovative chemical architectures from a class of natural and edible sugar alcohol compounds, called AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules. AqT™ molecules are designed to load, connect, or modify both small molecule hydrophobic drugs or larger molecule biologics to create a new hybrid drug entity with an improved therapeutic profile.

The AqueaTether™ platform can be applied to create new and better therapeutics across a broad range of drug molecules and treatment indications

The AqueaTether™ platform can significantly accelerate the drug discovery process to deliver an optimized entity for development. It provides a broadly applicable approach to developing a new chemical entity (NCE) or new biological entity (NBE) with optimized drug profiles.

The AqueaTether™ platform offers a simple solution to complicated bioavailability, stability, and/or toxicity issues faced by many small-molecule hydrophobic drugs as well as with large-molecule biologics.

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