AqT™ Molecules

We pioneered the concept of utilizing sugar alcohol (SA) monomers to chemically assemble proprietary AqT™ molecules with properties by design. AqT™ molecules are super-hydrophilic molecules and have many advantages over classical linkers and polymers, such as PEG and PLGA, in terms of improved a) hydrophilicity, b) biodegradability, c) loading, d) versatility, and e) easy of customization. AqT™ linkers and biopolymers are by far the most pure, hydrophilic, and versatile conjugation and delivery molecules available in development.


We can effectively synthesize any AqT™ molecule with superior properties that benefit the resulting hybrid drug, such as higher loading, super-hydrophilicity, and biodegradability. This flexibility in the AqT™ chemistry cannot be matched by any other existing linker and polymer technologies due to the inherent versatile nature of SA monomers and the modular approach of our chemistry. The current focus of novel AqT™ architectures is target-specific drug delivery, combination treatment, and enhancing the therapeutic profiles of stand-alone drugs.


AqT™ linkers are by far the most hydrophilic molecules in development

C18 HPLC analysis of AqT™ linker and other commercial linkers.

AqT™ linkers are by far the most versatile and tunable molecules in development.

C18 column HPLC analysis of mono-dispersed AqT™ molecules of various SA units


AqT™ molecules can be used to increase the water solubility of any drug molecules

C18 HPLC analysis of a hydrophobic drug before and after di-SA unit AqT™-linker labeling

Water soluble AqT™ linker labeled drugs cause no aggregation and precipitation during ADC preparation and storage.

Size exclusion HPLC analysis of the antibody before and after labeling.