AqueaTether™ Therapeutics is division of CellMosaic, a life science company developing innovative technologies in the field of chemical biology. CellMosaic was founded in 2008 by Dr. Yumei Huang, an experienced scientist and expert in the field of chemical biology and bioconjugation. The company started as a custom bioconjugation service company and has helped numerous customers design and create new bioconjugates using classical linkers as well as advanced conjugation processes. However, due to the many apparent drawbacks of these traditional linkers and polymer technologies (e.g., hydrophobicity, low loading, immunogenicity, non-biodegradable, limited structure diversity) and the subsequent adverse impact on the properties of many traditional bioconjugates, Dr. Huang began to explore building an entirely different class of novel proprietary biomaterial from natural resources. In 2010, Dr. Huang came up with the idea of using natural edible sugar alcohols to assemble new linkers and biopolymers with some interesting molecule architectures (called AqT™ molecules) for loading, connecting, and modifying drug molecules. After conjugation and modification, these novel molecules not only preserve the biological activities of individual drug molecules, but also eliminate the drawbacks of these molecules with their additive effect.

Over the years at CellMosaic’s AqueaTether™ Therapeutics, chemical methodologies, protocols, and processes have been established to allow the assembly of a variety of AqT™ molecules for drug optimization. With the built-up libraries of AqT™ molecules for drug discovery and optimization and our extensive expertise in bioconjugation, AqueaTether™ Therapeutics is ready to apply AqT™ platform broadly by partnering with other pharmaceutical and innovative biotech companies to help them create novel AqT™ hybrid drugs from existing drug molecules and candidates in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Milestone achievements for AqueaTether™ Therapeutics:

In Dec. 2013, a collaboration was established with the NIH NCI to apply AqT™ molecules to co-develop target-specific antibody-drug conjugates for liver cancer.

In 2014, the first patent for AqT™ molecules was granted by the USPTO.

In Apr. 2015, a proposal to build sophisticated AqT™ architecture for target-specific combination treatment was funded by the DOD CDMRP Breast Cancer Program Breakthrough.

In Apr. 2016, CellMosaic received the 2015 Joseph R. Carter Innovation Award from Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives and MassBio.