AqueaTether™ Therapeutics focuses on the discovery and development of novel hybrid drug entities beyond the conventional drug classes by using AqueaTether™ (AqT™) conjugation and delivery platform technologies. Conventional drug classes, such as small molecules, are often too hydrophobic and may interact with other off-target proteins, leading to potential toxicity and decreased efficacy. Similarly, biologics, such as proteins and antibodies, typically have poor bioavailability and poor in vivo physical and chemical stability. The AqT™ technologies can overcome these limitations and potentially transform these molecules into better therapeutics.

In an AqT™ hybrid drug approach, one or few established proprietary AqT™ molecules are applied to the NCE or NBE of interest to improve aqueous solubility, in vitro stability, efficacy, and other related drug-delivery characteristics. Utilizing an additive chemistry approach, the AqT™ platform readily provides for a rational evaluation approach to generate simple analog prototypes in order to optimize drug loading, solubility and solubility of the entity. The broad applicability of the AqT™ molecules and extensive experience of the AqueaTether™ Therapeutics team can give the advantages of both an accelerated timeframe and an optimized therapeutic entity for you program.

We are a service-orientated technology company dedicated to helping our partners discover and develop novel conjugate drugs.

Our goals

  • To utilize the broad applicability of the AqT™ platform technologies across the life science industry
  • To increase the impact of AqT™ related drugs into the market
  • To enable our partners utilizing the AqT™ platform to both time- and cost-effectively create significant value for their programs

AqueaTether™ Therapeutics can help solve the following problems

  • Converting hydrophobic drugs to water-soluble drugs
  • Optimizing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs): increasing loading and reducing aggregation of the resulting ADC
  • Creating new classes of target-specific drug conjugates
  • Transforming failed clinical programs by overcoming bioavailability and potential toxicity issues
  • Transforming protein, peptide or antibody drug entities that have physical or chemical stability issues
  • Transforming oligos/siRNA/miRNA/genes that have current delivery and stability limitations


Together, we look forward to helping you rapidly advance your drug candidates to market with the AqT™ platform.