Human albumin, polyglutamic acid, N-hydroxymethyl methacrylamide copolymer, and PEG have been tested for covalent loading of small molecule drugs for cancer treatment. However, all of these polymers are polydispersed and have a low drug loading capacity (only one or two drugs per linear PEG). Branched PEG (4 drugs per PEG, Nektar) and a dendrimer structure bearing a few more OH groups have been introduced and exhibit much better clinical effects.

We can build super-hydrophilic AqT™ polymers with multiple crosslinking groups specifically for high loading hydrophobic chemotherapeutic drugs. They can easily be made to be releasable from small molecule drugs by tailoring different labeling chemistries.

AqT™ polymer greatly increases the solubility and stability of cancer drugs and increases the amount of drug delivered to the tumor tissue, reducing undesirable side effects and the frequency of dosing.

AqT™ polymer can transform many of the small molecule drugs into marketable drugs.

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