The AqueaTether™ platform is a group of novel linker- and polymer-related technologies upon which hybrid (conjugated) chemical entities can be developed with improved therapeutic performance:

  • Proprietary AqT™ molecules: library of super-hydrophilic (water soluble) molecules chemically synthesized from edible sugar alcohols for optimizing the stability, safety, and efficacy of the drug of interest.
    • Additionally, the AqueaTether™ platform contains an array of active AqT™ molecules linked to cytotoxic payloads with greatly improved water solubility for use in antibody-drug conjugation. The platform is suitable for both established and novel antibodies to produce highly active ADCs with minimal aggregation and precipitation.
  • Advanced bioconjugation process: process methodologies that have been developed and qualified with experience to time- and cost-effectively allow synthesis of the hybrid drug entities at scales from initial research support amounts through scale-up and into cGMP supply in conjunction with preferred third-party manufacturing partners.
  • Analytical and pharmacological protocols to characterize and quantify performance of the resulting hybrid drug entity.
  • Intellectual Properties Position: extensive patent protection for the composition matter of AqT™ molecules and their conjugates (WO2013/012961A2, issued patents: US14/210,121, US14/156,224).